Underground city re-transmission system

Underground city re-transmission system

From radio frequency to optical signal. “ROF-Link” is a technology that transmits optical signal which is converted from high-radio frequency signal.
Analog radio frequency such as one-segment broadcasting TV, radio broadcasts and wireless signal are converted into optical signal and transmitted through optical fiber to the blind zones that do not receive the radio waves, such as underground shopping center.
The transmitted optical signal is converted to the radio wave again and transmit it to the mobile phone and other devices.

Underground city re-transmission system

Our products which are used at Underground city re-transmission system are following


【ROF-Link】The products are named as “ROF-Link” with optical transmission part (E/O) and optical reception part (O/E), designed small in size and easy to apply/install.
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Coaxial Filters

【Coaxial Filters】
Available in five types; Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band elimination filters and Helical type high pass filters.
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《Application Examples》
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