Train Radio System

Train Radio System

Train radio is a system that performs the instructions in each train service between the control room and train for the safe train operation.
Stack electronics provides the ROF-Link to connect control room, relay station, and train by optical transmission system(E/O, O/E conversion).
Also we provide the amplifier, high-frequency filters, and power divider used in the receiver-transmitter between the relay stations and trains.

Train Radio System

Our products which are used at Train Radio System are following.


The products are named as “ROF-Link” with optical transmission part (E/O) and optical reception part (O/E), designed small in size and easy to apply/install.
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Coaxial Amplifiers

【Coaxial Amplifiers】
Our amplifiers are characterized by Broadband, low distortion and the low noise.
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Coaxial Filters

【Coaxial Filters】
Available in five types; Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band elimination filters and Helical type high pass filters.
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Coaxial Distributors

【RF Power Dividers】
Available in three series; the SLN and SLB series are low loss types and the BSD series features the Wilkinson micro-stripline format.
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※Our amplifier and high frequency filter are possible to be customized based on your request.

《Application Examples》
Broadcast Relay system Area broadcasting system Train radio systemUnderground city re-transmission systemDisaster digital radio system

Application Examples(PDF 2,097KB)