Disaster digital radio system

Disaster digital radio system

Disaster digital Radio system has become indispensable as a means of communication for disaster prevention, emergency rescue, and disaster recovery.
Our products (high-frequency filter, the power divider, and an amplifier) are used in a radio transceiver used in the such base station, the mobile station.

digital antidisaster radio system

Our products which are used at Disaster digital Radio System are following.

Coaxial Amplifiers

【Coaxial Amplifiers】
Our amplifiers are characterized by Broadband, low distortion and the low noise.
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Coaxial Filters

【Coaxial Filters】
Available in five types; Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band elimination filters and Helical type high pass filters.
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Coaxial Distributors

【RF Power Dividers】
Available in three series; the SLN and SLB series are low loss types and the BSD series features the Wilkinson micro-stripline format.
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※Our amplifier and high frequency filter are possible to be customized based on your request.

《Application Examples》
Broadcast Relay system Area broadcasting system Train radio systemUnderground city re-transmission systemDisaster digital radio system

Application Examples(PDF 2,097KB)