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A lot of skyscrapers, underground shopping centers, and subways have been increasing built in big cities with numerous people acting busily. In these garish regions, the radio signals in the free air doesn’t reach, and there is a situation in which various services using the ground wave cannot be well received. It is thought that the signal transmission service to such gaps in the service area is becoming very important day by day.
Stack Electronics proposes ROF (Radio Over Fiber) transmission to support these gap zones. The products are named as “ROF-Link” with optical transmission part (E/O) and optical reception part (O/E), designed small in size and easy to apply/install.

ROF Link

2. ROF transmission technique
ROF (Radio Over Fiber) is an optical transmission technology that is composed of the optical transmission part (E/O) where light strength is modulated by the radio frequency signal (modulated carrier wave) and the light signal of optical reception part (O/E) where the radio signal is recovered from the light signal, those E/O and O/E are connected with the optical fiber.

The optical signal transmission characteristic using by the optical fiber has wideband and very low loss characteristics compared with the radio signal transmission through the coaxial cable. Therefore ROF transmission can allow tens of Km transmission easily. ROF transmission has been used for CATV (cable TV) trunk line system and cellular phone system, etc. for the service area securing in the building and filling the service area gaps etc. before as a special equipment to transmit the radio frequency signal in the limited field.

Product# ROF001【E/O+O/E set】 ROF101【E/O+O/E set】 Remarks
Frequency Range 60MHz~1GHz 60MHz~3GHz
CNR 80dB and more/BW:10kHz (@0dBm) 80dB and more/BW:10kHz (@0dBm) With 1km Opt. Fiber
RF Input / Output Level 0dBm(Ave.) 0dBm (Ave.)with AGC Opt. Fiber Loss approx. 0.8dB/km
Applicable Optical Fiber Single Mode Fiber Single Mode Fiber
Optical Wave Length 1,550±4nm 1,550±4nm
Power Requirement DC+6V DC+6V AC Adapter included
RF In/Out Connector N type-P N type-P
Optical In/Out Connector SC type SC type FC type available
Dimension 110(135 include RF Connector)(W)×46.5(D)×27(H)mm 110(135 include RF Connector)(W)×46.5(D)×27(H)mm

ROF-Link Catalog is following
ROF-Link(PDF 842KB)