Broadcast Relay systems

Broadcast Relay systems

There are two types for the Broadcast Relay system. The one is the fixed Broadcast Relay system for ensuring the area, and the other is the mobile Broadcast Relay system for sending information from the disaster sites and event sites to the relay station.

At these systems, our coaxial components, systems and coaxial connector are used to treat the radio wave from UHF to Microwave.

broadcasting relay system

Our products which are used at Broadcast Relay system are following.


The products are named as “ROF-Link” with optical transmission part (E/O) and optical reception part (O/E), designed small in size and easy to apply/install.
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Coaxial Amplifiers

【Coaxial Amplifiers】
Our amplifiers are characterized by Broadband, low distortion and the low noise.
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Coaxial Filters

【Coaxial Filters】
Available in five types; Low pass filters, High pass filters, Band pass filters, Band elimination filters and Helical type high pass filters.
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Cable Assemblies

【Cable Assemblies】
This series is a family of built-in type, high frequency coaxial cable assemblies, developed by Stack with excellent mechanical flexibility and stable electrical characteristics.
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Coaxial Connector

【Coaxial Connector】
This product family includes input/output connectors for various electronic measuring instruments and telecommunications equipment.
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《Application Examples》
Broadcast Relay system Area broadcasting system Train radio systemUnderground city re-transmission systemDisaster digital radio system

Application Examples(PDF 2,097KB)